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QRP service for Automotive

Sorting and rework

  • Visual inspection and sorting of parts, optical devices support using if necessary
  • Checking of working of movable parts, measurement of force parameters and electric values
  • Corrections, adaptations and fitting of nonconforming parts
  • Cleaning, conservation, evtl. repacking of the parts acc. to Client‘s requirements


  • Cutting and grinding hand tool, hand-glasses, endoscopes, power-meters(V/A/Ω)
  • Calipers, calibres, shape & 3-D gauges
  • Machining and stamping machines
  • 3-D measuring equipment ZEISS

Methodics and Documentation

  • Rework instructions comply with Q-documentation of Client
  • Issue of documentation of the characteristics, values and parameters for complete
  • Rework-product-range, recording of documentation acc. to ISO/VDA standards

Workplace and responce time

  • Acc. to kind of nonconformity and conditions rework directly at Client‘s and/or at Supplier‘s workshop
  • Responce time vs. Client‘s demand until 30min. during 24 hours x 7 days a week

Staff and Competences

Motivated team of skilled staff under permanent training process

Each human operator has a skill matrix showing respective level of his competence

Niara‘s QRP- team professions :

Quality inspector
Resident technician
Techician of 3-D measurement laboratory
Otsourcing ProjectManager
Outsourcing Interim Manager

Niara company owns certified experts able to provide training and mentoring of staff through
Lean Production, Lean Management, Lean Processes and ProjektManagement methods.
Niara‘s external service may be done by Oursourcing Management directly in Client‘s workshop

Niara‘s 3-D measurement laboratory is able to provide a complete sampling of parts for Subsuppliers and/or for Clients by outsourcing work in terms of PPAP/APQP process

Processes and Methods

Managers and Technicians are able to adapt the principals of „Lean Management“ and QMS philosophy into documents and instructions for implementation of QRP for the Client

Mandatory application of „Lean“ philosophy by operators integrated into QRP work

Key methods and tools applied :

8-D report
SW – standardized work instructions
7 types of waste … etc.

CIP – continual improvement process

Planning and implementation of contracts/orders driven acc. to PRINCE2-ProjektManagement

Recording of documentation of QRP contains entire data scope considering QMS, EMS, H&S demands evtl. others acc. to Client‘s specification