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About Us

History and Development of Business

Niara‘s Chain of command

Overview about Business

Sector EngineeringSector Automotive
➢Engineering of machinery technologies
➢Sales of metallurgical material + subsystems, forgings and especial components(Ti, CrNi, …)
➢Technological subsystems & systems for Power Energy sector
➢Fittings & pressure pipe-lines for Chemistry and Oil & Gas Industry
➢Electrical Gear systems
➢Engineering of steel structures and oversized mechanical parts
➢Quality Recovery Performance(QRP) for Clients in Automotive OEM
➢Skilled Manpower for rework, operators (leasing-staff) for working at Clients
➢Measurement 3-D Laboratory, analyze of non-conformities & „Problem solving“, sampling process performance
➢ProjectManagement QRP for external Clients
➢Resident Engineering service
➢Advisory & Outsourcing Management for Lean Processing(LM) & QAS Management